Andreas Feininger. New York in the Forties

03.07.2010 - 29.08.2010

Around a hundred photographs by Andreas Feininger, one of the finest photographers of the 20th century, who immortalised the life and architecture of the American metropolis. A unique atmosphere of New York in the 1940s, Manhattan cityscapes, skyscrapers, bridges, streets, people and events – all these are to be discovered in the extraordinary photographs by Feininger. Today a part of the canon of the 20th century photography, the images document the American city as seen through the eyes of a European and an immigrant. “Wandering day and night down the fascinating streets and quays of New York, I took pictures of everything that seemed characteristic, interesting, or simply beautiful” – Feininger confessed. “A trip to New York captured in a single shot of the master […] could, indeed, become one of the artistic highlights of this year’s summer”. Gazeta Krakowska “The exhibition is a must for everyone even remotely interested in photography”. Dziennik Zachodni

Andreas Feininger

Collective work

The catalogue is devoted to a presentation of the photographs by Andreas Feininger. Andreas Feininger, a son of the renowned photographer Lyonel Feininger, was the legend of American photography, his works being compared to those by Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Alfred Eisentaedt, André Kertész, Jacques Henri Lartigue.
The artist, for years working for the famous „Life” magazine, is believed to be a pioneer of modern press photography. Over three hundred pages of the catalogue feature the articles in English and German which discuss the life and oeuvre of Feininger. Most importantly, the catalogue comprises the reproductions of some of Feininger’s best black-and-white photographs taken both in Europe prior to 1939 and in the USA where he arrived after he left Europe. Though the majority of the photographs were taken in New York city, the catalogue also includes those documenting Feininger’s frequent trips round the states of the USA. It is fleshed out with unique photographs featuring natural motifs – organic structures of leaves, stems, shells, spider webs, etc.
The catalogue contains an insert in Polish.

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