Bauhaus twenty-21. An Ongoing Legacy

08.05.2009 - 05.07.2009

In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the most famous design school, which brought together some of the most outstanding architects and designers of the 20th century, the International Cultural Centre Gallery assembled twelve salient examples of the Bauhaus architecture built prior to 1933. The large format photographs of the buildings taken by the American photographer Gordon Watkinson were displayed alongside contemporary projects inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus style. The exhibition was further fleshed out with pieces of furniture and examples of applied art designed by the Bauhaus artists and still manufactured today by such companies as Thonet, Knoll or Tecnolumen. The Bauhaus exhibition also marked the completion of the second stage of the modernisation of the International Cultural Centre and inaugurated an official opening of the new multifunctional space in the heart of Krakow.


Bauhaus Twenty-21. An Ongoing Legacy

Gordon Watkinson

Can modernity be heritage at the same time? This publication is the answer to this apparently absurd question. Gordon Watkinson's photographs illustrate the evergreen idea of Bauhaus, which was worked out in the most renowned school of design that trained the most celebrated architects and designers of the 20th century.
Twelve flagship examples of Bauhaus architecture build before 1933 are juxtaposed with the present-day designs that carry on the principles of the Bauhaus way of thinking about architecture and design.

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