Davida Kidd. Between teh sublime and the subliminal

15.09.2006 - 15.10.2006

The exhibition included works from the Base Imprints project which is perhaps most famililar to the Cracovian public. The most important of these prints is the 2003 Triennial award winner print entitled Navigator (2001). This gloomy and melancholic work was a real discovery for the jury of the competition whose subject was Printmaking on the Edge. The revolution visible in Kidd's work at the time was not only a technological one - the work is digital print representing a method which has been supplanting traditional printmaking techniques - but it was also, and perhaps most importantly, concerned with the state of our human consciousness on the threshold of the 21st century.
The derisive sence of humor and the omnipresent anxiety which permeate the works in this project constitute a certain correspondence to the sence of fear, danger and lack of anchorage in the modern technological civilization.

Prof. Witold Skulicz

Founder and President of International Print Triennial Society in Kraków. The Initatior of International Print Biennial and Triennial. For many years a Dean of Department of Graphic Arts and a Head of Graphic Project Studio at Academy of Fine Art in Kraków. Meritorious member of ZPAP.

The author of programmes promoting Polish print: Polish Eagles, Icon Data, The Best Diploma. The initiator and coeditor of electronic publication series Directory of Print – CD ROM, anthology of Polish Print Polish Print 1950–2000 Winners of International Exhibitions. The initiator of International Print Network Kraków – Vienna – Oldenburg. The theorist of contemporary print. An organizer and curator of hundreds of exhibitions. A juror of the most important print competition in the world, among others: Bradford, Yvaskyla, Frechen, Fredrikstad.

His works were presented at over 80 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad, and at over 20 individual exhibitions. He made prints and projects, designs, painted and draw. His works are in the collections of National Museum in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznan, Szczecin, Pratt Center in New York, Kunsthalle in Bremen, Oslo Municipal Library, Allende Museum in Havana. He made also a project of mosaic on the fronton of Bagatela Theatre in Kraków, former Wanda Cinema and Apollo Cinema in Kraków, in Cinema in Grabowo. He made also a bas-relief of the Mother of God in ceramics in Church of All Nations in Jerusalem.

Davida Kidd. Between the Sublime and the Subliminal

collective work

In her works, this Canadian artist, winner of the Grand Prix of the 2003 International Prints Triennial in Krakow, explores photography by processing it digitally and combinating with traditional techniques. Davida Kidd penetrates the meanders of the human soul, blurring the borderline between the real and the illusionary. Her extraordinary prints are intriguing in both form and content – not at all easy, very personal and ambiguous.

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