George Grosz's Graphic Art

24.06.1992 - 09.08.1992

The oeuvre of George Grosz is closely related to the New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) movement. Grosz’s most representative works, many of which fortunately made their way to the International Cultural Centre exhibition, had been created under the Weimer Republic. The exhibited drawings and watercolours testified to the Grosz’s style which was characterised by a simplified form and a combination of deformity with grotesque and satire. The artist’s drawings and paintings, all powerfully expressive and distinctive, always provided the current situation with an appropriate commentary and were permeated with a harsh critique of the bourgeoisie.

Serge Sabarsky

Among numerous exhibitions organised by the International Cultural Centre, the presentation of some of the finest artists associated with the German and Austrian avant-garde remains of special significance. So far, the prominence has been given to the artists associated with the Vienna Secession, Expressionism and New Reality. Familiarisation with the above-mentioned phenomena is a necessary prerequisite for the proper understanding of various trends present in the world art of the 20th century. Moreover, the exhibitions have provided the Polish artists of the period with a very important international context. In 1992, the International Cultural Centre was involved in the preparation of the European Cultural Month – a series of events related to Krakow being named the European Capital of Culture. A diverse cultural programme entailed numerous exhibitions, including those of Gustav Klimt and George Grosz, as well as theatrical and music performances. In the following years, the International Cultural Centre Gallery proudly exhibited the works of Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele and Emil Nolde, among others. The majority of the International Cultural Centre exhibitions were organised in cooperation with Serge Sabarsky – a world-renowned American collector of art and an expert on German art.

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