Made in Hungary. Hungarian Photographers 1919–1956

28.04.2000 - 28.05.2000

An overview of the Hungarian photography of the first half of the 20th century. Over 120 images by dozens of photographers. A variety of attitudes and interests. Photographic reportages characterised by detailed observation of reality as well as images of “New Reality” were juxtaposed with experimental works. Lyrical and poetic quality of images, grotesqueness, a pursuit of new forms of expression were to be found among the elements of the multidimensional presentation at the International Cultural Centre Gallery. The exhibition featured the classics of Hungarian photography such as Brassaï, László Moholy-Nagy, György Kepes, Robert Capa, André Kertész, alongside the artists of a considerably lower profile. Emigrant and world-renowned artists were juxtaposed with those living and working in Hungary. The exhibition did not only pay attention to an important aspect of the history of Hungarian and world photography, but it also provided a representative overview of artistic tendencies of the last century.
Our language isolates us from the world to such an extent that the Hungarian artists always pursued a universal means of expression, which would be understood by other nations – Kincses Karoly, the exhibition’s curator, explains. [Justyna Nowicka, Bez agitacji [Without propaganda], Rzeczpospolita, May 8, 2000]
The exhibition […] does not only show the history of photography, but it also provokes reflection on the place of Hungary and the Hungarians in the civilisation of the 20th century. [Jacek Purchla]

Made in Hungary. Hungarian Photographers 1919–1956

collective work

The album comprises 125 excellent black-and-white photographs taken by a number of outstanding Hungarian artists. It is a sort of confrontation of the output of Hungarian emigrants and their famous but unknown countymen. In his interesting introtuctory essay K, Kincses considers various aspects of these Hungarian experiences. The album was published on the occasion of the exhibition organised by the ICC and the Hungarian Museum of Photoraphy.

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