Margaret Hunter. Tangents

19.10.1998 - 22.11.1998

Margaret Hunter – an artist pursuing and boasting an entirely original mode of self-expression. Born in Scotland, Hunter spent her childhood in Africa and now lives in Berlin. Her work is indebted to the classics of the avant-garde art. She is also influenced by Africa as well as creative atmosphere of Berlin. Most importantly, however, her works express the individuality of the artist herself – a student of Georg Baselitz. Hunter’s works are created in a figurative style with a human figure always claiming its centrality. Located in the heart of her images, the figures are accompanied by various objects. A dramatic character that results from a dialogue between a figure and an object remains at the core of Margaret Hunter’s oeuvre. Her paintings, drawings and sculptures powerfully stimulate the imagination of any viewer.

Margaret Hunter. Tangents

collective work

The catalogue presents drawings, oil paintings and sculptures by the Scottish artist, a student of Georg Baselitz, who works in Berlin and Glasgow. In addition to reproductions of her works, the catalogue contains an essay by I. Gale an Hunter's artistic profile, a biographical note, and a list of the artist's major projects ans achievements.

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