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Nations and Stereotypes

23.06.1993 - 29.06.1993

The conference with the participation of representatives of the world of science and culture form almost every part of the world. The project was created by Prof. Jacek Woźniakowski and organized by the International Cultural Centre Foundation. In addition to an academic, seminar part, with the participation of such celebrities as Czesław Miłosz, Tomas Venclova, and Stanisław Barańczak, the conference comprised a comprehensive artistic programme complementary to the theme of conference (presentation of films, poster exhibition, concerts, and stage plays). The conference centred on ethnic and national stereotypes and the role they play in promoting or impending international cooperation. Stereotypes, or oversimplified generalizations, rooted in human consciousness are reflected not only in speech but also in artistic work and literature.

Stereotypes and Nations

Papers given during an international conference under the same title, organised in June 1993. It presents, in a comprehensive and unconventional way, the issues of national stereotypes: how they are formed and how they function in popular consciousness and in art, and what threats they pose. The authors include C. Miłosz, S. Barańczak, T. Venclova, K. Zanussi, T. Jastrun, K. Dedecius, S. Frenkiel, L. Baier, R. Scruton, F. Alting von Geusau, J. Błoński, U. Altermatt, and R. S. Amossy.

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