Neo Rauch. Paintings from the Collection of the Deutsche Bank

03.10.2001 - 18.11.2001

The exhibition featured the paintings by the Lipsk-born and Lipsk-based artist that were painted in the decade preceding the International Cultural Centre exhibition. Neo Rauch’s oeuvre (some his paintings being in the permanent collection of the Deutsche Bank) enjoys enormous popularity among the collectors and connoisseurs of art in the whole world. Widely and equally recognised by experts and viewers, Rauch’s works were on view in the United States, the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin and during the 49th Venice Biennial. “Artistically, I have come a long way. My current works cannot be seen in isolation from my earlier pursuits, including my initial steps taken in the 1980s. At that time, my work was deeply rooted in the academic tradition – the tradition which, today, I once again consider as an important point of reference. The changes in my oeuvre originate in an ability to scrutinise the changing reality and confidence in what has been given to us. Gradually and carefully a new mode of expression was given birth to. Towards the end of the 1980s, I have abandoned colours and my works became monochromatic. Nowadays, my attempts focus on an investigation of the power hidden in colour and shape”. [Neo Rauch]

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