Nuremberg Through the Lens of Lala Aufsberg (1907–1976)

06.12.2004 - 30.01.2005

Over the decades, Lala Aufsberg with the help of her camera created a moving story of the changing Nuremberg. Though not a professional photographer, Aufsberg was praised for her works which did not only meticulously record the reality, but were characterised by extraordinary romantic air and artistry in approaching their subjects. The photographs taken in the 1920s and 1930s depict the historical architecture, picturesque backstreets, main streets and squares, thus, offering an image of the city of extraordinary beauty and ambience. Her works documenting pompous ceremonies and the Nazi rallies also boast unmatched clarity of vision. After the Second World War, the artist returned to Nuremberg – a destroyed and burnt city – this time creating a portrayal of a place stripped of its former glory. The works featured at the International Cultural Centre Gallery undoubtedly introduced the life and oeuvre of Lala Aufsberg to the Krakow public. Most importantly, however, it powerfully narrated a complicated story of the city entangled in the turmoil of war.

Nuremberg Through the Lens of Lala Aufsberg

collective work

Nuremberg of the years 1927-1950 in the photographs of Lala Aufsberg, one of the most outstanding German artistic photographers of the 20th c. The catalogue also comprises pictures of Nuremberg in 1945 - a documentary account of the city ruined by the Allied forces, the city of lost glamour. The catalogue is complited by the essay by H. Beer on Lala Aufsberg's artistic output, the artist's biography and calendar of life and work.

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