Save from Oblivion

30.11.2007 - 02.03.2008

The exhibition featured a hundred photographs of Krakow – the best images selected in an open competition jointly organised by the International Cultural Centre, the Krakow Heritage Society and “Biuletyn Fotograficzny” magazine [Photographic Bulletin]. The competition boasted its thirtieth anniversary as its first edition was organised precisely in 1977. The 2007 edition resulted in an arrival of photographs which revealed various faces of the city. The photographs showing Krakow to be a unique, enchanting and beautiful place were juxtaposed with the images of the grey and dilapidated city. A magical place of unparalleled ambience, but, equally, a noisy and crowded “bestselling” tourist place.

Save from oblivion

Collective work

This album was published to accompany the international photographic competition of the same title which has been documenting the metamorphosis of Krakow for 30 years. It contains 100 prize-winning photographs from the last competition taken by both residents of the city and visiting tourists from both Poland and abroad. The competition has proved yet again that Krakow is not only Wawel, St. Mary’s Church or the Cloth Hall, but also a city of people, events and historic buildings that are both less monumental and not as well-known.

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