The World before the Catastrophe. Krakow's Jews Between the Wars

26.06.2007 - 11.11.2007

For seven centuries the Jews were an integral part of Krakow, building its greatness ans sharing its fate. They helped to create the unique identity of this city, even through science the crime of the Holocaust the heritage of Jewish Krakow is disinherited heritage, a heritage without inheritors. The exhibition was inspired by photographs from private donors, former Cracovians now living in the United States or Israel. They spurred us on to seek further, and this brought fascinating results.

A world before a Catastrophe. Krakow's Jews Between the Wars

Collective work

The book takes the reader on a journey into the past and reveals the fate of a people who have disappeared from the urban landscape. Over 200 pictures accompanying the detailed descriptions relate the story of pre-war Krakow and prove that its Jewish population were not only residents in Kazimierz, outsiders wary of assimilation, but citizens in their own right, contributing to the rebuilding of Poland after the First World War.

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