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Krakow - Sankt Petersburg. The Capital Heritage

03.10.2008 - 04.10.2008

The conference organised by the ICC in collaboration with the Polish Institute and the Polish Consulate General in Sankt Petersburg. The two-day seminar in which Polish and Russian speakers participated was a forum at which to present the two cities' experiences in the periods when Krakow and Sankt Petersburg were state capitals but subsequently lost that status. The review concentrated on issues such as the "overpotential" of the historical heritage in both cities (Is heritage a burden or a chance? How to invest in the future of our past?), and how monumentes fare in a free market place and in the reality of cultural management.
The conference was divided into three sessions: 1. Krakow and Sankt Petersburg in the European civilisation; 2. The heritage of a former capital city; 3. Culture and future. The first one looked at the two cities over their history, their rank in the European civilisation and attitude to the present-day capitals. During the secend session the problems of revitalization and conservation of historical monuments were debated, as well as both cities' role in the spiritual heritage of the Poles and Russians. The last part of the conference referred to the present day and the problems Krakow and Sankt Petersburg confront currently with respect to both cities' cultural policy.

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