Masters of light. California Impressionism (1890–1930)

05.02.2003 - 04.05.2003

The first Polish exhibition featuring the works of the American impressionist painters from the California-based Irvine Museum as well as from a number of private collections. The International Cultural Centre exhibition comprised the paintings by Franz A. Bischoff, Colin Campbell Cooper, Joseph Raphael, Guy Rose, Granville Redmond, Alfred R. Mitchell, William Ritschel, and William Wendt – their intensive and illuminative colours, methods of brush painting and texture of paints revealing an artistic kinship with the painting of French Impressionism. The exhibition drew huge audiences: it was visited by over 34 000 individuals. “There is no surprise that one’s guide through the Krakow exhibition is… nature. It reveals itself to the viewers in five parts: in full sun, at dawn, at dusk, at night and in the moonlight. Mountain landscapes and sea panoramas were offered a separate section of the exhibition. Women (also shown against the background of nature) are at the core of the last, sixth section of the exhibition”. [Monika Małkowska, Rzeczpospolita, February 5, 2003]

Masters of light. Californian Impressionism 1890-1930

collective work

The catalogue accompanies the exhibition of paintings by the most outstanding American impressionists from the unique collection of the Irvine Museum that have never been presented in Poland before. The group of artists who were working in California, in the years 1980-1930 glorified the beauty of the nature, immortalized the virgin landscape, the rugged coastline, rich and green meadows. California full of sunshine, with its mild climate and enchanting landscape became a dream land for painters and such picturesque places as Laguna Beach, San Diego and Monterey turned into artists' colonies.

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